Vues de l'exposition “Rundgang 11 – Tage der offenen Tür
an der UdK“,
UDK, Berlin - 2011

I'm talking to you
linoleum, papier-peint, bois,
télévision, installation in situ
210x150x120 cm

Installation Cécile Chaput
Video and texte by Noa Leshem-Gradus

I AM TALKING TO YOU is using the fixed format of the dramatic dialog used in all Soap Operas, and keep replacing the character, to create a new conversation, that is actually the same. This conversation goes on forever, using all the clichés, so fixed in our speech, so everything is very clear, but actually has no meaning. Exaggerated blur of the images, unite them in a world that is different than our’s, allows us to judge them, as if we are something else. The title is an example for how the language we use creates a reality, where people talk to, rather than converse with, or listen to.